for sale


Yet again, I’m selling some clothes.

  • A few American Apparel bits - skirt, boob tube, hoody.
  • A cardigan with horses and horse shoes on it.
  • Some nautical themed clothes.
  • Leopard print skirt.
  • Lion top.
  • And other fun stuff. 

So please have a look, re blog, post the link on your facebook/twitter. I am so so skint right now and there are Rancid tickets I would like to buy on Friday.

So please and thanks.




Enchanting, captivating and luminous.


As you can see it’s been spritzed once or twice as a tester but I have so many perfumes I’ve just not used it. Comes with box.

£5 inc postage

Avon Advance Techniques Colour Protection Lock-In Treatment

"Extend the life of your hair colour with at least 5 times more protection against colour fade. Maintain hair’s fresh-out-of-the-salon look."


£4 inc postage.

Bottle is pretty much full, as you can see. 


rrp £50


I just found these, I forgot I had them! 

I now own the American Apparel disco pants, and thus never got around to wearing these. These are identical and I bought them at the start of the year, they’ve only been worn to try on, however I have lost the tags.

They’re a size 12 but have a lot of stretch in them like the American Apparel ones.

They also have the back/bum pockets which are actual pockets.

I cba to put them on ebay, so £40 inc postage, which I will post tomorrow if they’re paid for tonight, or Friday if paid tomorrow. So they’re almost half the price of American Apparel ones, and Topshop as far as I know have stopped selling them. I am open to reasonable offers.

I can also take photos tomorrow but the lighting in my house is crap. Honestly they’re identical, just a bit thinner, but still with the stretch and sucking in power and pockets!


(reblog please)